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Prom: It's a Pleasure!

Hello! My name is Michael Marquis Albright and I want to thank you for joining Down In Front for our very first online Cinematic Rehabilitation™, the educational short “Prom: It’s A Pleasure” by the Jam Handy Organization.  If you’re not familiar, Jam Handy was a bronze medal-winning Olympic swimmer for the American teams – breast stroke in 1904, water polo in 1924 – who decided his expertise could be best put to use making over 7,000 short subject films ranging from educational to industrial to promotional, and coproduced by groups like Chevrolet, the US Military, and as you can see in this video, the Coca Cola Company.  We hope this film teaches you everything you need to know about going to prom.

Down In Front riffed this short live on April 2, 2019 at Chicago’s most enthusiastic comedy destination, @North Bar at 1637 W. North Ave in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, and you can catch us there live the first Monday of every month.
Your performers for this short are Derek Martz, who can often be seen in Logan Square Improv’s “Whose Line Is It Saturday,” writer Katie Reynolds, and writer and co-producer Cindy Marquis Albright.  We’re working on putting these out on a regular schedule, and you can get early access to them by supporting us at  We’ll see you next month!