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July 11, 2017
@North Bar

Every so often a movie comes along that inspires people to follow a particular career path despite being really just a terrible representation of that career. After Top Gun came out, Naval Air recruitment went up 500%. Backdraft reportedly does for firefighting "what Top Gun did for Navy pilots." In fact, "What Top Gun did for the Navy" is a fairly common phrase in movie reviewing and we have seen it used to describe The Guardian, Navy Seals, Hidden Figures, The Hunt For Red October, Dodgeball, and -- no joke -- Girl, Interrupted. Perhaps no movie made the career it chose to follow look more fun, however, than 1996's Twister. You know a movie is good if it can encourage a generation of people to pursue the career of adventurer-meteorologist.

Down In Front is proud to present Twister, yet another movie in which Carey Elwes just... isn't as cool as he was in The Princess Bride. To be fair, it's a tall challenge to be a decent villain in a tornado movie. Anyway, we're confident he'll find another great role one of these days. My Westley will come for me.

We'll be at Chicago's most enthusiastic comedy destination, @North Bar. They serve a great selection of booze, you can get a pizza there, and you're allowed to bring your own food - there are lots of great options in the Wicker Park area! Paid street parking ends at 10, so if you pay at 8 you'll be covered as long as you  want to stay. The venue is accessible via the 8 and 72 bus routes, and is nearboy both the Damen and Division Blue Line stops. As always, Down In Front is a free show with a recommended donation of $5 per person.

See you Down In Front for Twister on July 11. Please no talking during the movie. That's our job.

Empire Records

July 23, 2017

Hey, everyone!  It's Rex Manning day*! That's apparently a thing, so don't forget your cupcakes and your albums of famous singers your parents might have listened to on which to apply makeouts! Also, we'll be watching the only movie to properly celebrate Rex Manning day, Empire Records. We know that a portion of our audience is too young to be familiar with youth culture from the '90s. This is your chance, millennials, to see what Generation X is hiding from you! We loved terrible music, had absolutely no work ethic, and valued shocking non-sequitur and cynicism over insight and intellect. See? We're not so different!

We'll be at Baderbraü, a fantastic brewery that has made its home on Chicago's south side; a comfortable, wide open space with a selection of beers brewed in the building and a frankly fantastic menu that'll show you just how much you can do with beer. As always, Down In Front is a free show with a recommended donation of $5 per person.

See you Down In Front for Empire Records on July 23. Please no talking during the movie. That's our job.

*May not actually be Rex Manning Day.


Down in Front is a small collective of film buffs, comedians, and all-around weirdos that just can’t help talking through the movie - but you’ll actually love it coming from us. We sort through hundreds of films and present our favorite targets to you with live running commentary, packed with jokes. There’s nothing too obscure, nor too classic for our smart-asses to show you and create a great night of comedy. Come out to a show and see for yourself. Please no talking during the movie - that’s our job!

Michael Albright

Executive Producer

Michael built Down In Front from the ground up, using only the finest artisanal comedy writers and performers. DIF grew out of his position as organizer of the Chicago MST3K Meetup Group. Long story short, he said "I want to do that," and here we are.

Favorite Movie: Tank Girl
Favorite Good Movie: The Godfather
Favorite Good Movie When I Don’t Think You’re Judging Me: The Princess Bride

Jessica Childs

Co-Head Writer

Jessica was born and raised in the secluded Billy Joel tribe of Hackensack, New Jersey. Trained in the ancient art of Lisa Frank Fu, she is now a vigilante in Skokie, IL.

Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
Favorite Wendy's Menu Item: Bowl of Chili

Al Kwiatkowski


Al was born in a log cabin, above an ancient Indian burial ground, and below another (less ancient) Indian burial ground.  He currently holds the copyright to "datsease" (meaning: an ailment other people have).  When not writing for Down In Front, he's plotting. Always plotting.

Favorite Movie: Congo
Favorite Reason for Yelling: Being on Fire

Amanda Lautermilch


Amanda is a person for whom Netflix once recommended the genre “Talking-Animal Sci-Fi & Fantasy for ages 11 to 12”. Has she mentioned she read A Song of Ice and Fire before the TV show was even in the works? If not, she will. #teamdirewolf 

Favorite movie: Billy Elliot
Favorite Jimmy Buffett song: Jolly Mon Sing

Fard Muhammad


Fard Muhammad became operational at the Advanced Technology And Research Institute in Urbana, IL on the 12th of January, 1992. He hopes to host the Late Late Show on CBS by 2021.

Favorite Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Favorite Talk Show: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Yusuf Naqvi


Yusuf Naqvi is a helpful charlatan on matters of love and life, law and politics, video games and gamer videos. He is a valuable token ethnic friend. His favorite conversations are lengthy lulls for him to interject with drivel. His favorite magic trick is making alcohol and cigarettes disappear.

Favorite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Favorite Activity: Raving about Guardians of the Galaxy

Julie Cowden-Starbird


Julie has had enough of the likes of you, and will merrily thrash you with bits. She writes and performs with You're Being Ridiculous and Redacted sometimes. You should check them out.

Favorite Movie: The Philadelphia Story

Favorite Cheese: Tallegio

Danny Sarelas

A/V Producer

Danny loves you.


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